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"A Family run farm with traditional values"

Our Farm

Clachaig is steeped in history and has always been at the heart of industry on the south end of Arran.The farm is situated about 16 miles south of Brodick with magnificent views over the Firth of Clyde and Ailsa Craig and sits just 500 metres from the small community at Lagg and just a mile from Kilmory. The evidence of past industry can still be seen on the farm whether it be; the clay tile factory producing clay drainage tiles for the island made from clay from the farm itself, the old lime kiln situated down near the shore, or the old harbour which was used to bring coal and lime onto the island. Clachaig even had its own distillery and water wheel many years ago, evidence still on view today.

The farm is also home to Ossian's mound, the burial site of the famous poet, which can be found directly in front of the Holiday Cottage, next to the orchard.

The farm stretches right down to the shore where the old harbour is situated and boasts a quiet, peaceful sandy beach with views right across the Firth of Clyde to Ireland. 

Clachaig continues it's strong industrial legacy by providing a home to over 600 animals, all of varying species and breeds but with one thing in common,chosen to provide the best quality, most tender and flavoursome meat available. The farm runs for 365 days of the year, requiring constant care to provide the best products, and is one of the largest on the island.

Our Heritage

Our family comes from strong farming traditions, and hence understand what good animal husbandry is all about. We know what to look for when selecting the right animals and we know how to breed meat that looks, feels, and tastes amazing. Through generations of farming in the family we have fine tuned how we raise our animals to give the best possible end product. We have all grown up with farmhouse cooking and know how to use all the different cuts of meat, how to get the best use out of the cheaper cuts and how to maximise on flavour. We believe in our meat, its quality and its flavour, and we are passionate about providing top quality meat to the markets.

Our roots can be traced back for more than 300 hundred years on the island and during this time, we have learned how to best utilise the wonderful properties found on Arran to create top quality produce. We are a family business and Clachaig is a family run farm. Every single one of us work tirelessly to provide you with the best service and products possible, and we take pride in what we deliver, brought to fruition through hundreds of years of experience and hard work.

The Isle of Arran

Arran is not called Scotland in miniature for nothing. The fault line divides the island into two very different sections – the rocky and mountainous north and the lush green pastures of the south – just like the Scottish mainland! Arran is only 56 miles in circumference, so nowhere is more than half an hour’s drive away from the village you’re staying in. The island is perfect for keen golfers with its abundance of courses, walkers and outdoor enthusiasts who can spend hours trekking the hundreds of walks around the island, or simply those who wish to take in the breathtaking views!

Arran is also famous for its local produce, in particular, its cheese, whiskey and meat all made locally on Arran. Scotland in miniature is the perfect place to escape, relax and recharge. To find out more about what Arran has to offer